Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve

I had to mention that we have the greatest friends anyone could ever hope for!!!

We've had so many close friends move to different places around the country in the last couple of years - to those we MISS TONS - "We wish you would have been here!!!" And to those who still call themselves "West Michigan residents" it was SO fun for Kris and I to have a house full of the people we love to help us bring in the new year. (plus Andy and Sadie who although are temporarily NOT west michigan residents, made the long haul home for the holidays! - IT WAS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU!!!)

... oh yeah, And we can't wait to see what crazy adventures this new year will hold for us!

peace out

2 notes:

D and T said...

Thanks for the party yo, what a blast. Wish we could have stayed longer but you know how work goes. I gotta get the hours when I can. Great times had by all, Love you lots

Anonymous said...

Hey, looking back I'm sorry I made such a fool of myself. Uggh... I try not to think about it too much... Anywho... Cute website. Wish Gabe and I had the technology abilities to set something like this up. Maybe even get a digital camera so we could put pictures up on it. That'd be fun. Anywho... catch ya later.