Saturday, April 01, 2006

...Looking Back.

I got in trouble last night.
Sean tells me our blogspot is BORING because I never update it.
I have excuses, but I'll spare you my list.
- Thanks for caring Sean!

So here goes. A new post.

I just finished my LONG LONG LONG term subbing job at Ionia High School yesterday. And as I think back on the incredible year I spent there any thoughts of cellular respiration, desalinization, punnet squares or relative humidity racing through my mind are the first to dissapear.
It is the lives and the stories my students that I will never ever forget.

I'll never forget Jason and the week of school he missed because his father had just been sentenced to decades in prision.
I'll never forget 16-yr-old Rachelle and the baby she'll deliver in June - she is terrified, but I know she'll be a great mom.
I'll never forget Tanya and her inability to seperate herself from her abusive boyfriend. She knows what she needs to do, but for some reason just can't run away.
I'll never forget Jamie and her embarassment with her mother's drug and theft addiction.
I'll never forget the look on Mikey's face when genetics didn't seem so impossible anymore.
I'll never forget the changes I saw in Janelle as the year progressed - being angry all the time wasn't as fun as learning to enjoy life.
I'll never forget the time Jessie gave me a hug for the first time, she used to be too cool to like her teacher.
I'll never forget the day pole vaulting became an addiction of my 4 freshmen vaulters.

Good and Bad - The stories of my students and dozens others like them will be a part of my prayers for a long long time to come.
I wouldn't trade my experience at IHS for anything.
Go Bulldogs!

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Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

You are amazing Leanne! I love you, what an incredible teacher you are. Those kids will never forget the coo, hot, long-sub they had!