Saturday, October 28, 2006

Harvest Festival 2006

Kris and Drew at a Shane and Shane concert could be comared to 13 yr old girls at a Nick Leshay concert. Given... It was AMAZING worship and those guys CAN SING! Gives me chills everytime.

Dan the Man and his pumpkin carving power tools! Watchin' Dan carve that pumpkin with a drill was a highlight of the weekend.

Drew looks like he is up to something... and Jill? Well....

Awwww.... we're in love.

Again... Awwwwww.

All in the family... here we have Kelli and Dan napping together. They looked so cozy I almost jumped right in.

This is us carving our pumpkin. Notice the pumpkin is not included in the picture. It was rated R.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October Family Update.

It has been awhile since Kris and I added to the BLOG... So here's whats GOIN' ON in our lives lately...

Rhiannon started school this fall and it is kind of kicking her butt. She is working on getting her doctorate in physical therapy... but after a recent car accident... she just might need some physical therapy herself. Poor PT RHI!

Sammie (my mini) is a regular East Rockford Middle School rock star. She was voted onto the student council by her classmates (only 2 kiddos from each class were picked... so this is a big deal people) and she is makin' things happen!!! That girl is a mover and a shaker.

Jon-Jon just recently lost hearing in one of his ears... SCARRY! So after a LONG LONG visit at the hospital we find out some viral infection almost took all of his hearing away! UGH! Thankfully it looks like it was caught in time and Jon Jon will be ok.

Rachel is TEARIN' IT UP this fall. No one could have a more jam packed schedule. She goes from signing for 5 yr. olds all day, to teaching college students at night. Gift ideas for Rachel would include: Red Bull and an expresso machine.

My Kris is a teacher still. Lucky for those kids who sit in his classroom. Who wouldn't want to learn from someone as serious as this ... wanna be tribal cheif ... looks....

And me... well, I just got a job at the HOSPITAL! YIPPEE! ... and Sometime this spring, Kris and I will have one of these. No... not the bouncy seat... not a Jonah... a baby. Our Baby. Baby D. WOO HOO!!!