Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Break

These are just a few pictures of the stuff us DeYoung's have been up to lately!
We made a trip up to EVART to spend some time with Mike, Amy, and the little Kricks :o) Drew, the Catt's, and the Carlson Family were also there. The boys played water polo and Settlers... It was a fun night. Always is!

ALSO - Leanne (that's me) just got back from up north. Had my first casino experience - I tried to master Black Jack - and spent a day snowboarding with the family (and Jon-Jon's buddy Brian). Sammie is so good at it! We're both sore today, but I'm pretty sure we're both hooked. Dad on the other hand... thinks he'll stick to motorized toys. :o)

Before Christmas Kelli and I got to have lunch with Blackie! ;o) We love her. And she has a BEAUTIFUL big belly - we can't wait to meet baby!

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Anonymous said...

That was soo much funn!!
Or as dad would say..."its been real! lets do it agian some time!"

love you


Rob, Tiece, Madisyn, and Baby #2 said...


Hello dear! I didn't even know you and Chris were married! Congratulations, very belated, I am sure :) I found your blog via Dan and Tracy's (which I have no idea how I ran across!). Anyhow, I hope you and Chris are doing well. I am praying for you with your recent loss. Words can not describe my deep sympathies!

Your pictures make me miss dear ol' SpringHill deeply! Please tell Chris that I said, "Hello!" Take care, hopefully we'll see you soon!


Adam and Becca said...

hey Kris and leanne, thanks kris for letting me use the camera and it was nice seeing both of you. we will have to have you 2 over for dinner some time soon just let us know when you are free.