Tuesday, July 10, 2007

East Bay

Year 2 of the July 4th vacation with people we love.

Jonah filled his diaper with sand like it was his mission in life.

Spent a night in Traverse City... It was yummy. Thanks Bubba.

No Jill, he isn't choking your daughter. Some of us almost froze our feet off in Charlevoix while the rest of us filled our pants with sand trying to play some beach volleyball. :)

Us. ... remember these smiles. With the comming school year, these beachy smiles will be a distant memory. Ha!

Yeah. Real tough. After this picture was taken they all competed for the fastest baseball pitch.

Thanks for another great week of memories!
... Hosfords, next year will be much better. I promise. We missed you!

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Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

i love the one of you & Kris, that one will have to make a wall on the new home! Thanks guys, love u.