Saturday, August 25, 2007

...the countdown.

It's hard to describe how excited we are to have our own place again. The closing on our new digs was finally scheduled for September 7th. Thanks Mamma D for letting us crash at your place for the summer!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

almost there..

you asked, and here they are... just a few more pictures of the progress.
we had NO idea what the front of our house would look like... picking out the siding is scarry, but we love how it looks.

this is our favorite room of the house... our sunroom. it sticks out into the jungle that is our backyard and is nothing but windows. a future napping and reading spot for sure.

and... for those of you who were fortunate enough to view our "fireplace" on DVD at the Norwood home... you'll be happy to know that THIS fireplace produces actual flame.

just about 4-ish more weeks until we get to move in. :oD
you can sign up for sleepovers here on the blog - no deposit necessary.