Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Go for the Goal"

Kris had it stuck in his head that he would run with me last weekend... I needed to do 12 miles.
This probably would have been fine if he had been training with me all along... OR even if he had appropriate running shoes... but he hadn't and he didn't. The shoes he ran in were purchased in 1999... And as you can imagine, they were WORN OUT!
But Kris HAD to do the 12 miles anyway... no matter what he had to run in. Just because he said he would run 12 miles.

I know... I don't understand it.

At about 0.3 miles Kris knew it would be a tough go - the blisters had already started to form...
At about mile 8 Kris had run out of steam (only 4 more miles to go!) AND he was "running on needles"
When we finally stopped running we noticed the blood leaking through his shoes....

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It's Thursday and Kris is still extremely sore.... he is still limping.
But if you ask him - I'm sure he'd say he'd do it again.
"I said I would run 12 miles, and I ran 12 miles" - Kris