Saturday, May 24, 2008

May Days

Kris and I had a Mother's Day feast over at our place.
These are our very proud mamma's. :)

... The bird feeders behind our house continue to be a source of entertainment on the weekends. Seriously, who needs cable when you have young dare devils risking their lives for a single golden nugget of corn... Drama! .... yeah, he jumps. sometimes misses.

It was a rare occurrence... We got to spend some time with the Spanding family down here from Gay-Town. Ella finally got her birthday present! But... like most one year olds, the ribbons and package the gift came in was WAY more fun to play with.
.... And as you can see, Kris is wearing his Riverbank Run T-shirt. He wore it for 3 days straight after that race... :)

Chester got stuck up there.
He was so embarrassed.

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Jill,Drew, Ella too... said...

Nice pics ; ) Hey are you guys coming up for the Big Ticket this year?? We finally posted an outside pic of our house for you to see (no inside yet - we have to take the"after" pics still. Talk to you later